1. A

    Need help understanding this LDO topology

    I'm trying to understand how a LDO topology works. It's in NXP IC's datasheet: It has the control circuitry inside the IC with external transistor. Parameters: VDD output = 1.8V Collector supply = 2.367V NPN: Nexperia PBSS4620PA L1: ferrite bead 26 Ohm @ 100MHz C1 = 470nF Rp = 1 Ohm Rs = 0.15...
  2. Elhassan

    Voltage Divider VS Op-Amp Feedback in Push Pull Converters

    Hi, in High Frequency Inverters, Voltage is First Boosted to 311 VDC using push pull converters, then it converter to AC using SPWM and couple MOSFETs or IGBTs. to maintain the 311VDC, the PWM IC such as SG3525 is getting feedback from the rectified voltage which is the 311VDC. The point is...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] What does PT1,PT2,PT3 in Control loop means?

    Hello , I always hear Germansengineer use the term PT1,PT2 and PT3 to describe a controller (alternative to PID). I am trying to find their names in English so I can study them. is there any document in English that explain them? Thanks
  4. busevaran

    Trying to control a motor speed with a PID circuit.

    Hi everyone! I'm Buse. I'm trying to control a motor speed for a personal project. You can find the schematic of the circuit I found on a book. This circuit works with only the PID parts contrcuted. My problem start when I add the other parts. For example, U1 opamp (top left) is supposed to...
  5. E

    Trying to design an audio circuit with a carbon single button microphone so that I can output the audio into a PC

    So I recently purchased a 285W western electric transmitter as I'm trying to more or less make a microphone that can plug into a computer which uses a carbon button microphone from the early 20th century. I have little education in circuit design, though I know enough to know I probably made...
  6. D

    LED Controller PCB Design Feedback/Suggestions Request

    Hi there, Main Question I'm hoping to get some feedback on this PCB design and the overall design, because this my first real electronics project. Also, I have several questions about feedback I received on ESE. Background I'm aiming to make an instrument for my brother, and since I've been...
  7. H

    Finding the closed loop gain expression

    Hi! thanks in advance for the help. I'm trying to solve this exercice for school but a really can't seem to get it right. I get really confused when that VDD apperas and can't identify the feedback mesh Here is what i think it is: But then again i'm not sure if that vdd or that resistor...
  8. T

    I cannot understand why oscillations happens at gain less than 1?

    Hello Everyone, As I am reading the book of Op Amp for Everyone, chapter feedback theory. I come across this paragraph that I could not understand well: Stability is determined by the loop gain, and when Aβ = –1 = |1| ∠–180° instability or oscillation occurs. If the magnitude of the gain exceeds...
  9. Z

    PIC- making potentiometer match second potentiometer not working

    I'm tryng to make a DC motor into a servo motor. The motor axle has a gear that is in sync with a gear on a potentiometer (MOTORPOT in the code) and I have another potentiometer that works as an input that the motor potentiometer should match in position however I set this pot(CONTROLPOT in...
  10. V

    Understanding the significance of a few passive components

    Hello all, I'm currently doing some work on a piece of equipment which has been in my work's storage cupboard for about 8 years. On said piece of kit was this PCB that has seen better days (picture attached). I can't find any paperwork for it and it doesn't appear on any of my electrical...
  11. H

    Current Sensing Circuit for ASIC Evaluation Board

    Dear Team, I need to design a current sensing circuit for one of my ASIC evaluation board. The ASIC will take the current from 0.5mA to 1mA from a 1.8V Supply. Whatever the current it is taking voltage at Vout should remain constant at 1.8V. Please see the attached circuit . The 1.8V supply is...
  12. D

    Full Bridge DC-DC Converter - Closed Loop Compensation

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a 48V to 400V full bridge dc-dc converter and I'm using SG3525 as pwm IC. The question is; should I apply my 2-pole 2-zero compensation to the error amplifier on sg3525 or build a type-3 compensation on feedback part with tl431. (you can advise another method if...