electrolytic capacitors

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    Issue Testing Large Audio Amp Electrolytic Capacitors with LCR Meter

    I am attempting to test the electrolytic power supply capacitors in a vintage Forte Model 3 amplifier. There are four, each rated 50v 24,000µF and since they have screw terminals it’s easy to test them out-of-circuit. The LCR meter I borrowed is an East Tester ET4410 (available from, e.g...
  2. F

    ESR variation of photoflash capacitors placed in series RLC discharge circuit

    Hi, I plan to design a series RLC discharge circuit as shown: Taking into account component parasitics, the actual circuit resembles the following: where: 'R' = capacitor ESR + load resistance + inductor ESR, 'L' = capacitor ESL + load inductance ≈ load inductance According to online...
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    LTspice simulation of RLC discharge circuit using voltage controlled switch

    Hi, I would like to simulate the discharge curve of an initially charged photoflash capacitor into a RL load as shown below (with component parasitics): A few things to note: 1. photoflash capacitor (C1) is initially charged to 360V 2. a voltage controlled switch represents a microcontroller...
  4. enggricha

    Permanent damage / degradation of ECAPs on polarity reversal for short duration

    Hi All, Do Electrolytic capacitors suffer from permanent damage / performance degradation / rated life degradation - if they are subjected to short ( few seconds) of reverse voltage. Background: I have a PCB that has electrolytic caps on the input and there is no reverse protection on the...