electrical assisstance required

  1. D

    AC- Reverse Voltage and current flowback system.

    Hi, I'm Nayan and I am working on a project to control the reverse flow of current and voltage of an AC power source from a small inverter circuit. This would be helpful to connect an On-Grid solar inverter to stop the feed-in mechanism to the reference power source to run the inverter in power...
  2. maitrey

    Daisy chain controller??

    Hi All,, Can i daisy chain two controllers so that it can be operated at two different locations (Won't be used at the same time). I need to bring in controller located outside back in the mechanical space area. Anything special i need to look at? TIA (Edited): It's an industrial air...
  3. Energy forever

    Dielectric absorption question

    Hello good friends. Im curious in a strait way about dielectric absorption. Particularly the current. Where does the current come from? (If i were to elaborate, i would say people familiar with a capacitor that has been shorted for long (hours/days) durations will notice that upon disconnecting...