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    Error while running the mandelbrot program in the eclipse package.?

    This is the eror: Description Resource Path Location Type make: *** No rule to make target ../Project_bsp//HAL/inc/io.h ../Project_bsp//HAL/inc/alt_types.h, needed by obj/default/chu_main_frac_test.o. Stop. Project C/C++ Problem. You can also see the error program at the following...
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    How to interface SD card with Atmega32, with help of FatFs?

    HI everyone! First of all: I am using standalone Atmega32 (no arduino or such), Eclipse and C language. I been troubled with this for a while now, I looked thru lots of forums and sadly couldnt make it work. Right now my best idea is working on a sample project from...
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    Which Hardware Emulator and Development IDE/Editor is best for Embedded Development

    I am new to the embedded development area and doing self-study in this area (I am already from Computer Science background) but I have few doubts and need guidance on the development and testing tools used in this area. Q1. What is the difference between :- openOCD, pyOCD, Segger J-Link...