1. Umar19

    How to Equalize 2 columns I & Q data of the 16 QAM constellation?

    I need help regarding the I & Q data which I extracted from VPI simulation software. The data is for 16 QAM constellation which is distorted by chromatic dispersion. The data is in 2 columns and have 512 rows. I loaded my Tx and distorted Rx data extracted from VPI simulation software in to LMS...
  2. H

    AC/DC bidirectional battery charger/discharger Firmware/Hardware simulation

    Hi, My project diagram is similar to this idea, Lets say input is 3p 380VAC, 60Hz, Main Transformer MTR runs at 20kHz, DC output should be 50-147 v, charging current 100A. Should have CC and CV mode of operation. I need to implement FW with following facilities, 1. Shunt/ Temperature...
  3. C

    MATLAB Soft-output decoder

    Hello! I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I am stuck already a couple of days. I have implemented a soft Hamming decoder (LLRs) in MATLAB and now I have to create a soft-output for this decoder. My attempts all failed, since the soft-outputs do not match the hard-bits. The...
  4. R

    Arduino guitar pedal help

    Hi! I've been working on a school project, that is a guitar pedal (effects) using an arduino board. I've been using the EasyEDA site for designing the schematic. I would like to ask a more skilled/experienced person to go over my design and look for any flaws or mistakes. Any tips about it...
  5. T

    Could not understand why noise cancellation must be at (fs-fc) for -60dB

    I have the overview of signal with cut-off frequency fc that I want to sample using an ADC with sampling frequency of fs, I have seen that some of my colleagues wanted to dumb any noise at -60dB at frequency fs-fc as you see it in the picture. for my understanding of nyquist theorem, I need to...
  6. T

    is the order of IIR filter proportional to the group delay?

    I know that the group delay of filter made in chain is proportionnal to the total group delay. I want to know the relationship between the group delay of fitler of order 2 and 3 ?
  7. T

    Good Online/Books to learn DSP for work?

    I have already studied DSP in my Master degree. However, As I am starting a job where a good percentage of my work is to design DIGITAL FILTERs, I still feel like I don't know that much on DSP and I really need to become a good engineer in this topic and take it to another level rather than...