1. T

    Issues with ML Pattern Recognition After Bandpass Filtering

    Hello everyone, We've been working on a machine learning project for pattern recognition, using time-domain features such as kurtosis, mean, standard deviation, variance, skewness, and peak-to-peak values. Background: Initially, we trained our data after applying a high-pass filter at 1 kHz...
  2. T

    Does my sampling rate act as a low pass filter?

    If I sample a thermocouple at a slow rate such as 1 Hz, do I need Low Pass Filters? I'm not aware of any noise sources that are that low in frequency, and since I'm sampling so slowly, does this by default eliminate noise contributions in the high frequency ranges?
  3. Umar19

    How to Equalize 2 columns I & Q data of the 16 QAM constellation?

    I need help regarding the I & Q data which I extracted from VPI simulation software. The data is for 16 QAM constellation which is distorted by chromatic dispersion. The data is in 2 columns and have 512 rows. I loaded my Tx and distorted Rx data extracted from VPI simulation software in to LMS...
  4. H

    AC/DC bidirectional battery charger/discharger Firmware/Hardware simulation

    Hi, My project diagram is similar to this idea, Lets say input is 3p 380VAC, 60Hz, Main Transformer MTR runs at 20kHz, DC output should be 50-147 v, charging current 100A. Should have CC and CV mode of operation. I need to implement FW with following facilities, 1. Shunt/ Temperature...
  5. C

    MATLAB Soft-output decoder

    Hello! I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I am stuck already a couple of days. I have implemented a soft Hamming decoder (LLRs) in MATLAB and now I have to create a soft-output for this decoder. My attempts all failed, since the soft-outputs do not match the hard-bits. The...
  6. R

    Arduino guitar pedal help

    Hi! I've been working on a school project, that is a guitar pedal (effects) using an arduino board. I've been using the EasyEDA site for designing the schematic. I would like to ask a more skilled/experienced person to go over my design and look for any flaws or mistakes. Any tips about it...
  7. T

    Could not understand why noise cancellation must be at (fs-fc) for -60dB

    I have the overview of signal with cut-off frequency fc that I want to sample using an ADC with sampling frequency of fs, I have seen that some of my colleagues wanted to dumb any noise at -60dB at frequency fs-fc as you see it in the picture. for my understanding of nyquist theorem, I need to...
  8. T

    is the order of IIR filter proportional to the group delay?

    I know that the group delay of filter made in chain is proportionnal to the total group delay. I want to know the relationship between the group delay of fitler of order 2 and 3 ?
  9. T

    Good Online/Books to learn DSP for work?

    I have already studied DSP in my Master degree. However, As I am starting a job where a good percentage of my work is to design DIGITAL FILTERs, I still feel like I don't know that much on DSP and I really need to become a good engineer in this topic and take it to another level rather than...