1. ayomi|

    Down counter shown on a 7 segment display using ram or rom in logisim

    I need to have a 2-digit down counter based on read-only memory RAM or ROM and to show the count on a 7-segment display, all done in Logisim or in another program. Can someone help me thanks
  2. T

    [HELP] Circuit to store and display a single image

    Hello everyone, First, i'm not sure if this thread is in the right place, so if not i'm sorry. i'm wondering if its possible to make, by my self, a circuit to store and display a single image like a photo frame (but without a SO or something like that) and how big it will be. i'm a total newbie...
  3. F

    7" Tablet screen as a HDMI monitor

    Hey, my old tablet ASUS ME372CG broke few days ago, so I salvaged some parts of that and now I have a 7" screen from it. I would like to use that screen as a standalone monitor for my pc but I do not really know which HDMI LCD controller board to use. The LCD panel code name is "Innolux...
  4. Emad2017

    how Oscilloscope Cards transfer sampled data for display on PC

    Hi everyone, Most of oscilloscope cards and DAQ cards have very high sample rate in comparison with the speed of thier interface port (for example usb). I know that it is not necessary to send all sampled data to pc for display and most of digital processings are performed by card itself. My...
  5. P

    Electronics rookie trying to convert broken LED display into skylight

    Hi all New here! I am looking to convert my broken LED display into a skylight, something like DIY Perks youtube videos. I was able to disassemble the display and get the lens layers and broken panel off. But i am unable to figure out exactly how to bypass the signal detection stage of the...
  6. C

    How to display various parameters (voltage, current and temperature) on 7-segment display every 5 seconds

    I have built an op-amp series pass voltage regulator, whose output is inputted into an analog-to-digital converter (ADC0804). The ADC's output is connected to a CoolRunner II CPLD Starter Board. This output corresponds to a value on a look-up table, which determines what value would be displayed...