1. Marky G

    What SMD component is this?

    This is from an adblue ecu circuit for Citroen/ Peugeot cars. I need help identifying these components. Thanks for all your replies! The first one has 3 pins with the letters CG and a Y that's horizontal (on another board it shows CG with a U that's horizontal). The second one that's...
  2. H

    Maximum input voltage a diode can handle

    Dear Team, May I know how to find the maximum input voltage a didode can handle.I checked many datasheets no info about this. Can I apply any voltage greater than it's forward voltage. Regards HARI
  3. genekuli

    help, why does my 20kV diode keep burning up

    input is 15kV 15ma (as is on attached picture) going into capacitor bank diode is a Single Phase high-voltage diode rectifier silicon reactor Model: PRHVP 2A-20 (HVP 20 HVP2A-20) 2A20KV Size: 18 x 19 x 75mm (Height * Width * Length ) Operating Temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 175 ° C
  4. Aivaras Andrijauskas

    LTspice - added diode models not listed.

    Standard.dio (diode models) (https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/attachments/standard-txt.65504/) This is an updated version of the diode models file, which includes the 1N4001 diode, which is what i'm after. I replaced the file in /cmp with this one, but the program doesn't list any new diode...
  5. Mr Web

    Identification of diode

    Hello all. I need help to identity a diode. Please see attached picture. . Thank you in advance.
  6. GrampsFish

    Sensor(s) to determine if plastic pickleball has hit target

    I made a 4' wide x 3' tall plywood practice wall, and drew an 18" wide x 10" target on the plywood. I would like to make some sort of sensor array that would be positioned about 1.5" off the plywood playing surface and sound a chime each time the 2.75" diameter plastic pickle ball tripped one...