1. F

    PMOS on Zeta Converter

    Hi, I'm studying the Zeta Converter topology for Photovoltaic Applications. In every documents, it is specified that the switch is PMOS. I don't understand why a PMOS is needed. Which are its advantages? Being a switch, is it possible to use an NMOS instead of PMOS? Obviously, an isolated...
  2. P

    Full Bridge DC-DC converter... Why the additional Inductor?

    I am making a step up DC-DC converter using a full bridge configuration and bridge rectifier output, using high speed rectifier diodes. I see that in many designs on the net, they use an additional inductor on the output side between the rectifying diodes and smoothing capacitor. I have tried...
  3. J

    Need to power about 600 LEDs @ 5V which could consume about 30mA each. Looking for power supply options?

    I am working on some artwork that will have about 600 LEDs on it which each can consume about 30mA. (18A @ 5V). I am looking for a power supply solution to power all of these LEDs. My thought is to use a 24V or 36V power supply and buck that down to 5V for each strand of 100 LEDs (~3A @ 5V)...
  4. 8

    MAX8815 DC to DC step up converter circuit

    Hey, I have a question regarding a schematic I made, which doesn't work. Maybe someone could help me out. I tried to make a board which would take a 1.5V Battery and turn it into 5V. I used this IC: https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/256/MAX8815A-1516131.pdf I oriented myself with the schematic...
  5. S

    How to determine component values and switch dead-times in a fly-back passive snubber circuit

    I have been studying the use of snubber circuits within flyback converters and other hard-switched converters, and doing some simulations to see the results. I have came across one type of snubber called a passive snubber circuit, which uses no resistor and instead some additional passive...
  6. Tamás Fegyvári

    Non inverting DC-DC converter that makes fix 4V from a decreasing voltage from 4,2V to 2,8V?

    Hi! Is it possible to make a a non inverting DC-DC converter that makes a fix 4V from a Li-ion battery's voltage. I need about 1,5A. The input voltage starts from 4,2V and decreasing to 2,8V as the battery discharging.
  7. T

    Computer PSU 12V to 24V conversion

    I have a media cabinet which houses a bunch of media players/routers/alarm system etc. The target output voltages for each component is between 9V and 24V. This is currently powered by an LED power supply with a few step down buck converters to the target voltages. The LED power supply is very...