1. kirchberg

    Find a microcontroller to manage DEC Module 50/5

    Hi, everyone! I have a problem with a picking a microcontroller that are going to manage DEC Module 50/5. I want to use DEC Module 50/5 to manage motor made from Maxon. One problem is that DEC Module 50/5 isn't programmable. I also want to remotely control the engine using computer commands. Do...
  2. F

    7" Tablet screen as a HDMI monitor

    Hey, my old tablet ASUS ME372CG broke few days ago, so I salvaged some parts of that and now I have a 7" screen from it. I would like to use that screen as a standalone monitor for my pc but I do not really know which HDMI LCD controller board to use. The LCD panel code name is "Innolux...
  3. Fishtacoburritosupreme

    Psu transistor please help

    Please can anyone help me determine what type and model of transistor this psu uses(voltage, amp, etc), the one it had were removed and I have no idea what Trans use D:
  4. Emad2017

    how Oscilloscope Cards transfer sampled data for display on PC

    Hi everyone, Most of oscilloscope cards and DAQ cards have very high sample rate in comparison with the speed of thier interface port (for example usb). I know that it is not necessary to send all sampled data to pc for display and most of digital processings are performed by card itself. My...
  5. jmh474

    Lvds help

    So this might be a bit of a strange one i have a LE-375 single board computer nothing to fancy but im planning a little project for it and i got given it and would love to get it up and running on Linux as its not the most of powerful of devices. Iv contacted the company who make them but not...
  6. saltynay

    PC touch sensitive power switch with led reactive light

    Hi, I am doing quite a lot of heavy modifications to my PC case, and I am stuck on an issue involving a Capacitive Anti-Vandal Momentary switch (CS4M2FR information) as I have next to no electronic experience. I want to wire the switch in parallel to the current switch so that I can use it as...
  7. G

    What is required to create a device like Raspberry Pi from scratch?

    Hello everyone! I hope I'm writing to a correct forum. I want to find out what is required to create my own mini computer by myself. I worked with microcontrollers and created some devices based on microcontrollers, but now I would like to go ahead and create my Raspberry-like device. My...
  8. C

    Question about Pipeline Cycle

    I have a question about the pipeline cycle. Here is the question: Then, my answer as follows: (the second code is different from the question as it changed by the instructor, but according to the instructor, the answer for both should be the same, but I think I have a wrong answer) It is...