charge and discharge

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    fundamental behavior of capacitor's plates and the charges in response to sudden changes in voltage?

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to understand fully the behaviour of the capacitor and over its two plates when exposed to sudden changes in voltage, and I divide my request for help into two questions: 1- How and why when we apply a sudden voltage over a capacitor C1_Plate_1, the C1_Plate2...
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    Trying to Get BMS to Supply Bare 5v

    Currently trying to get this board to simply supply me 5v through the USB terminals on the back. I have the USB + and - hooked to a Wemos D1 Mini V4, and when I activate the KEY button on the charger board (with a battery powering the board), it flashes on for a moment...
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    Analysis generate PWM use op-amp.

    Please help me to understand this circuit about analysis voltage each point and how to calculate time charge and discharge time on triangle signal. If use Op-Amp NJM2904C Thank you.