1. Marcel DaJanchar

    SMPS IC selection for automotive use: 12V to 5V

    Hello! I am working on automated pressure controller which will be used in a car. The controller consists of following: - Power supply (10V-20V input, 5Vdc 1A max output) - MCU STM32 (valve controller for pressure regulation + reading 4 pressure sensors) - WiFi functionality (ESP8266) - 8...
  2. S

    5v dc to 12v dc pwm design (automotive application)

    Hi guys I hope you can help I am by no means an electrical designer but I have a problem and are looking for a solution. I am trying to convert a variable 5v pulse into a rotation of around a max 2000rpm (12v motor) I’ve done some researching and a pulse width modulator maybe the way to go...
  3. S

    Whats around for car ignition controllers spark ignited

    From just looking at my 4 cylinder 2 coil engine it maybe possible to have some logic that divides by 2 and switches output devices via a switch on dash to fire correct spark plug. Thus by adding a Carby we have something useful if computer dies or in the outback.
  4. macsaba

    Car radio with external bluetooth module only mono

    Hi! I have a 6006E CD RDS EON car radio and I build Bluetooth function into it. There are two 0R resistors in the wires from the radio module to the mixer module (it mixes the signal from the radio receiver and CD player and does a lot of stuff, which I don't know about). I removed these...
  5. lookingforhelp

    so i have this car amplifier, that has a 4 channel audio port. (i think).

    So this port is broken and i cant find another one like it anywhere. maybe im looking for the wrong component since im not that good with components yet. Its a mchammer 1200w markII amp if that helps anything. is there any way i could fix it with just buying a single new port. i think it is...