1. Vilius_Zalenas

    LM2700 insufficient boost converter output voltage

    Hello, I made a device where I am using Texas Instruments LM2700 boost converter (2.7-4.2V to fixed 5V output, or in other words 18650 battery to 5V.) I have already made the PCB (according to the datasheet example) and assembled all the components. However, I face a really strange output...
  2. A

    Need Help for fixing/improving boost converter design

    I'm pretty newbie. i designed a boost converter as hobby and need some help about that. not sure if it will work. how can i fix or improve the circuit. i aimed 5 Vin and 15V 10A max out and use 555 for generate pwm signal for mosfets. But i know 555 can generate max %50 duty cycle and it means i...
  3. E

    Inverting Boost Converter that Short Circuits?

    Hello, I have an inverting boost converter which is giving me some difficulty. It can be found on pages 1 and 3 of the PDF attached (the non inverting works fine). This inverting boost converter should (and has in prototype) produced -100V - 0V without any difficulty. All control signals are...
  4. A

    Li-Ion battery current limitation??

    Hello all, I am using TPS61253 Boost IC to boost 3.8V from 375mAH Li-Ion battery to operate a load of 2A and also charge the backup Li-Ion battery of 115mAH using BQ25895 chip. Looks like battery is not able to deliver the necessary current and the load circuit does not boot up correctly. Is...
  5. johnson35762

    5v to 12v Boost converter question /w MC34063

    Hi everyone, I build a boost circuit using MC34063 as control IC, The schematic I build is like this, The datasheet can be found here: MC34063 datasheet At first, I want to build a boost converter to drive the nixie tube clock I made, so I measure the current consumption of the project is about...
  6. guiguideb

    Off the shelf LiPo battery with protection circuits solution

    Hello, I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. I'm working on a crowdfunding project that includes a small 5V motor (drawing 2A max) that needs to be powered by a rechargeable batterie via USB. Now I'm more into mechanic and such thing must be designed by an well trained...
  7. Dan Aronin

    XL6005 Dimming fuction

    HI all, I want to understand the proper way to make a dimming function for the XL6005. I found some schemes that suggest using the EN Pin: And some that use the FB Pin: So which one should do the work and what PWM signal should I use?
  8. John Czerwinski

    DC Boost Converter (5v to 12v using LM2577) not powering load

    I'm sure I'm missing something very fundamental here, but I've built a boost circuit on a breadboard (see attached schematic) to convert 5v to 12v using an LM2577-adj. I want to power a 12v PC fan (rate at 12v at .06A) as the load. The LM2577 seems to work fine, as I'm measuring 12v. The fan...
  9. Dan Aronin

    XL6005 understanding the datasheet

    Hi all, a driver circuit needed for lighting a 30W LED* (one color) - I had a look at the XL6005 datasheet and wanted to make sure I understand it properly based on the following diagram**: 1. To drive the LED with 300mA I should make RS = 0.73 ohm (ILed=0.22/0.73=0.3A) 2. To limit the max...
  10. shibin_varghese

    Designing a boost converter

    Hi friends, I have a doubt. In the diagram above, the boost converter is used to power a GSM module that operates in 3.6V. TPS610995DRVT has a fixed output of 3.6V and VBAT is a primary battery of 3.6V and can be enabled whenever required. The purpose of the boost converter is that the GSM...
  11. I

    PWM controlled with Bluetooth

    Hey Everyone, I'm designing a circuit that I want to control via Bluetooth, over an iPhone or Android. This is my first schematic and PCB design and I'm looking for some help. I use EasyEDA for my capture and PCB layout. I attached my schematic as a PDF and I will post a link to my EasyEDA...