1. Carlosonline

    Li-Ion Battery Managment IC Issue

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone would be able to comment/advice on the following matter. I have been looking around for an IC that would charge and balance Li-Ion cells 2-3 of them in series. It seems that the balance feature is absent in most cases. MCP73841 appears to provide most of the...
  2. S

    Battery Management System (BMS) Reset

    After many months of not using my Asus EeePad TF101 I have turned it on by plugging in the charger. After the boot the battery was 0% and I wasn’t surprised about this as I have not used the tablet for many months. I tried to charge it like before but after few hours it was still 0%. I found...
  3. -live wire-

    Need help finding BMS for this lipo battery.

    Hi, I'm going to get this 4S 7AH lipo battery for an RC project. I need a BMS for it that prevents short circuits and overdischarge. All of the BMSs I can find have a cutoff voltage of 2.5V! This doesn't seem good, as isn't it supposed to cut off at 3V to be safe and maintain its capacity!? So...