1. highf15e

    Asynchronous BCD Downward Counter using JK Flip flops

    Hello. I am having a simple problem but couldn't help to solve it, I am doing a Asynchronous BCD with JK Flip flop, but I used to create an upward ones, and I don't know how to revert it or make it downward instead of upward. I also tried to use NOT gate, but didn't work. Below is the screenshot...
  2. TwistedFateX

    Check whether a BCD number is a palindrome or not

    So i'm having trouble on a Digital Design assignment. I'm supposed to create a circuit in logisim that checks whether a BCD number is a palindrome or not. This is easy enough when the length of the number is given but apparently I'm supposed to do this without knowing the length of the number...
  3. AlexVR

    Logism Circuit Design Help. HEX Display

    I need to design a circuit to calculate the product of two 4-bit binary numbers, and then display the decimal result in three HEX displays.I already have the multiplication part, but the hex baffles me since : 1-The inputs are two 4-bit binary numbers. 2-The system can display each input...