1. xenon_eleven

    Active Butterworth Bandpass Filter unexpected peak

    I am currently trying to design a bandpass filter in a simulator for a university assignment to the following criteria: Frequencies below 1KHz and above 250KHz should be attenuated. Note that you will need to calculate the cut off frequencies given the pass band (1KHz to 250KHz) should not be...
  2. 8

    AD9833 through a bandpass filter - what happens ?

    Hello, I wondered about what would happen if I feed a 20KHz square wave, that goes from 0V to 5V, through a bandpass filter. Does it filter out the DC part and the only part that's left is a square wave oscillating from -2.5V to 2.5V ? And if that's the case, where does the "negative" voltage...
  3. Sudip Mandal 2

    Interfacing circuit for Piezoelectric vibration sensor to detect shock

    I want to detect the mechanical shock of a machine. To measure the vibrational shock I am using Minisense 100 Piezoelectric vibration sensor. I have done the feasibility test using it and it is giving output as expected. I have observed on the oscilloscope output frequency for all type...