1. P

    Upload firmware from ESP32 to arduino

    I have 2 microcontroller in same board, one is ESP32 and other is Atmega 328p, I need to upgrade the Atmega firmware, but I need to go where the board is and do it, I would like to do online way, there’s a way to ESP32 upload the new firmware on Atmega? just send the firmware to ESP?
  2. kowshik1729

    Problem flashing Atmega328P U-TH MCU

    Hi all, I've been having a very big problem since 2 days. I got a brand new Atmega328P U-TH IC and made a custom board around it. Due to covid lockdown I am not able to purchase any programmers like USBasp, so I decided to use my Arduino UNO as ISP programmer. However, When I tried to burn the...
  3. limyx826

    MCS-51 compatible software burner help

    I currently working on a MCS-51 based project and I tried to burn hex file into my microcontroller. The microcontrollers I used are AT89S51 and STC89C51RC. I tried to use ProgISP and AVRDUDESS to burn hex file into the chips but both came up errors. When I use ProgISP to load up hex file, this...