1. lucky930

    Want to turn on LED by shorting ATMEGA16 IC PIN

    Hello , I want to turn on LED when two IC PINs suppose PORTA1 and PORTA2 are shorted, As long as they are shorted the LED should glow and when not shorted then LED should be off. Please help me withe the C embedded code.
  2. H

    Help with a Mitsubishi MGE4800 AVR

    Hi Guys, I bought a Mitsubishi MGE 4800 generator, the engine runs smoothly, starts on the first pull. However, the generator side does not work as I only get about 5V AC at the 120V receptacles. I have done the following diagnoses and I think my AVR is bad. The wirling diagram can be found...
  3. S

    USB Host Shield Miscommunication with Arduino Mega/UNO

    I am trying to control two independent robots simultaneously using two Arduino Mega with USB host shield and xbox 360 wireless controllers (2.4 Ghz dongle). But I sometimes face the issue where the xbox controller disconnects and connects to the wrong host shield arduino mega. Is there any way...
  4. M3D0

    Interfacing Microcontroller with a USB stick to read/delete files

    Hello ! So I am starting scratch the surface of the Embedded systems world. I have always wondered how to interface a microcontroller like the AVR for example with a USB stick to read the file names for example or the space left or even format/delete files from the USB stick without using any...
  5. Mousivandhossein

    UART RS485 Problem

    Hi, I want to make a circuit to collect the temperature of some locations in a control panel. I have a control panel that is connected to several microcontroller circuits. Each microcontroller circuit measures its ambient temperature. the control panel sends a number from 1 to 20 for example...
  6. kowshik1729

    Problem flashing Atmega328P U-TH MCU

    Hi all, I've been having a very big problem since 2 days. I got a brand new Atmega328P U-TH IC and made a custom board around it. Due to covid lockdown I am not able to purchase any programmers like USBasp, so I decided to use my Arduino UNO as ISP programmer. However, When I tried to burn the...
  7. Milo-D

    libvmcu - Virtual MCU Library (looking for contributors)

    libvmcu - Virtual MCU Library libvmcu is a library for static and dynamic analysis of AVR binaries. It can be used to create regression tests for embedded systems or to analyze AVR programs on assembly level. You can build your own tools too. There is also a Java binding, that supports...
  8. T

    How to interface SD card with Atmega32, with help of FatFs?

    HI everyone! First of all: I am using standalone Atmega32 (no arduino or such), Eclipse and C language. I been troubled with this for a while now, I looked thru lots of forums and sadly couldnt make it work. Right now my best idea is working on a sample project from...
  9. W

    Microdevt - Interrupt-based Drivers

    Hi there! Does anybody known how to code an interrupt driven driver using Microdevt toolkit (www.kw-net.com) ? I am trying to develop a simple driver on my atmega328 that enqueues a bitstream from an other uC. The bitstream is read on an input pin and then processed if a certain amount of data...
  10. B

    How to calclate Rb and Rc value for NPN transistor?

    Here is a part of my schematic. K pin from LCD is connected to NPN transistor. A pin is connected to Rc and Vcc, 5V. Base is connected to uController. It is Atmega16. 5V supply. I am using 2N3904 transistor as it is showed at the picture. Electrical Characteristics form datasheet: Vcbo= 60V...
  11. W

    Atmega16 pin not outputting 5V

    Hi, I'm new to microcontrollers and I'm trying to build this 4x4 LED cube, controlled by an Atmega16: https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Cube-4x4x4/ I've completed the circuit as shown in the tutorial and am testing the output pins before I put together the rest of the cube. When I set the...
  12. M

    AVR Datasheet

    As I'm a new microcontrollers student, I read in a book that in ATmega168 the hardware register for Port B is at byte number five of the memory. And I downloaded the datasheet and kept searching for this in the "pin configuration" section, but I could not figure out where to find this specific...
  13. Milo-D

    MDX - AVR Assembly Debugger/Disassembler

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to share with you a project in order to get some constructive feedback. MDX is an Assembly Simulator for 8-bit AVRs. It has an integrated Disassembler, which reconstructs labels and comments in order to increase readability. What's different ? - Backstepping is...