atmel studios

  1. lucky930

    What is wrong with my Timer/Counter?

    I'm using ATMEGA8 for my project. I want to make a LCD display a clock. The below code works fine and displays a code in proper format on the LCD. But the problem is the timer/counter is not getting synced with real clock, it is having 2-3 second difference with the real time on my watch. I've...
  2. lucky930

    Need help for the definition of these function

    Hello Guyz, I've found below code that belongs to the timer declaration function but the definition is hidden by the author. Can anyone help me to provide a definition for the same? I want this to be utilized in a project related to ATMEGA8 using Atmel studio. #ifndef TIMERS_H_ #define...
  3. lucky930

    Want to turn on LED by shorting ATMEGA16 IC PIN

    Hello , I want to turn on LED when two IC PINs suppose PORTA1 and PORTA2 are shorted, As long as they are shorted the LED should glow and when not shorted then LED should be off. Please help me withe the C embedded code.
  4. M

    Program for LED blink

    Hello, I am newbie in programming the microcontroller. I would like to test the micro by blinking the LED in a pin. The micro is SAMR35J18B and I am using ATMEL ICE programmer and ATMEL studio software for the programming. I am able to detect the micro in the software but I could not find proper...
  5. 8

    SAMD21G18 - getting it started

    Hello, I designed a board with a samd21g18 microcontroller. Now, I tried starting it and at first it looked good, nothing exploded. I broke out all the connections I would need for the SWD/JTAG connector and connected those with an Atmel-Ice programmer. Now I started Atmel Studio and wanted to...
  6. Spankyty

    Sparkfun Servo Trigger - Programming ATtiny84a from Arduino as ISP with Atmel Studios 7

    I cannot seem to program the ATtiny84a with Atmel Studios 7 with an Arduino Uno as the programmer. I got Atmel Studios 7. I opened the Sparkfun Servo Trigger solution. It asked me to upgrade or something so I said yes. I do not have a programmer but I do have an Arduino Uno with an ATMEGA328P...