1. K

    ATMega328P Communication with 24V PLC

    Hi All, I am designing a ATmega328P based PCB control board that has a function of sending and receiving discrete digital signals to and from a PLC. The PLC has sinking outputs. The PLC can accept sinking or sourcing inputs. I want the PCB to output Sourcing (PNP) signals to the PLC. (mostly...
  2. pan.string


    I would like to make my own PCB for a diy drone project. I've already made a schematic, but this is my first experience with designing PCB and I'm not sure if everything is wired correctly. I also plan to add a voltage divider, to measure battery voltage.
  3. eyesee

    Reprogramming damaged MK-328 component tester (EZM Electronics Studio)

    While measuring a mains capacitor in haste, I forgot to discharge it first and ended up damaging my component tester! Before anyone says it, yes I know I should have discharged the capacitor first! Anyway, I have replaced the ATMega328P microcontroller but I can't seem to find a firmware...
  4. IgnacioMorac

    Can I Turn On an XBee, ATMega328, RTC DS1307 and Catalex microSD adapter

    Hello partners I am an engineering student and I am doing my graduation project. I try to send information from the Photovoltaic Panel to the computer. In order to do this, I made a design of a circuit that can measure the voltage of a panel that is generating between 25 and 44 volts. This...
  5. S

    Making a switch case for isr with multiple interrupts

    I'm having a hard time including interrupts into my cases for a traffic light code. The interrupts are supposed to start a sequence of events but my brain is just fried on how to go about it.
  6. kowshik1729

    Problem flashing Atmega328P U-TH MCU

    Hi all, I've been having a very big problem since 2 days. I got a brand new Atmega328P U-TH IC and made a custom board around it. Due to covid lockdown I am not able to purchase any programmers like USBasp, so I decided to use my Arduino UNO as ISP programmer. However, When I tried to burn the...