1. D

    Proteus x Mplab Source Code

    Hi guys. What is the difference between these two procedures for the reset and interrupt vector. One in mplab and one in the Proteus? org 0x00 ;reset vector goto Start org 0x04 ;interruption vector goto Start PGM code 0x0 Goto Start ORG 4 ;some code here PGM code Start
  2. V

    facing dificulty for choosing the ic pinouts.

    hello guys, I think I might be asking a very basic question but by seeing the SMD Ic which I have got are having a dual notch and I am a bit confused with choosing it. can someone suggest to me the proper side of the notch? and which pin is to be considered as the 1 or Start? presently I am...
  3. D

    Enabling conversion on other AN ports (Assembly)

    Hello, I am trying to implement a weight sensor. Tension simulates weight, and I've already made a sensor which is working. But when I try to enable conversion on the other sensors, ie the other AN ports, it doesn't recognize when I call adcon1,adcon2, etc. I appreciate if you can help me...
  4. K

    Writing a String on Hitachi LCD using AT89S52

    I try writing a string instead of writing letter by letter. So, I tried this code: ORG 00H RS BIT P2.7 E BIT P2.6 MOV SP, #25H MOV P1, #00H MOV P2, #00H MOV TMOD, #01H...
  5. K

    4-bit mode of LCD-1602 using 8052 µc

    I try writing "NO" in the LCD using 4-bit mode. So, I programmed the AT89S52 to send the upper nibble first to the last 4 data inputs of the LCD. I used AND operation to eliminate the lower nibble. Afterwards, I cleared the RS bit and send a HIGH-TO-LOW enable pulse. The same code for the lower...
  6. A

    Help for Testing and assembly PCB

    Hi guys, i need help with my doc. I do have to inspection and assembly PCB board I this is my steps are 1-First, I will make sure the PCB board does not have any damage by visual inspection PCB and see if there is any scratch on the lines that will transfer the power. 2- Check the PCB for...
  7. Milo-D

    MDX - AVR Assembly Debugger/Disassembler

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to share with you a project in order to get some constructive feedback. MDX is an Assembly Simulator for 8-bit AVRs. It has an integrated Disassembler, which reconstructs labels and comments in order to increase readability. What's different ? - Backstepping is...