1. J

    Need to drop AC current

    I need help dropping current though a water solenoid valve. I have a dauquiri machine that needs water running through it when the compressor is on. Rather than have to turn on/off water manually, I added a 110v water inlet valve that gets power only when the compressor is on. The valve is a...
  2. Marcodavid

    design an RC snubber for ac solenoid lock ( inductive load)

    I am designning ac solenoid lock, read the inductive load needs snubber circuit to protect from inductive turnoff transients Here is my design Resistance 8 ohm Main outlet power source 220 - 50 hz Inductance 150 mh Impedance 47 ohm I (rms) ~ 5A So do i really snubber circuit? If so iam...
  3. Younes Thabet

    Can 2 varistors with same Vrms of 480V be interchangeable?

    Hello, I have a power supply which have V480LA10P varistor connected at input between line and neutral but I want to replace it with the V480LA40AP from same family. Looking at datasheet they seem to have almost similar characteristics except for "Peak Current 8 x 20µs" and "Energy 10 x 1000µs"...
  4. G

    Force alternator to supply current only in 1 direction

    I have searched all over and have not found an answer. I am a newbie, please bear with me, I'll try to explain as best as I can. I have an alternator which I assume has a 3 phase wye configuration. I am planning on removing the rectifier. I would like the alternator to supply power when it is...
  5. fried-motherboards

    Figuring out switching mechanisms for 2 power supplies wired to 3 US Power sockets

    I'm working on a project that requires saving as much space as possible (making an ammo box that holds & powers a soldering iron + battery charger from either an internal battery or wall power). I have two power supplies that will need to go to three mounted 120v AC U.S. power sockets. I need a...
  6. B

    Need help AC coupling push pull amplifier with op amp

    I have an AC input of 0-5V that i need to go from -2.5 to 2.5V. this will then go through an op amp and then trough a push pull amplifier configuration. I just cant seem to find a value for the capacitor that will work, so if someone could explain where im going wrong that would be greatly...
  7. M

    Convert 120v AC to -5v DC

    I have a device that runs on -5v DC but I only have 120V AC. I need to build a power supply that can convert 120v AC to -5v DC. I need to draw the best power supple and indicate the wave form at each stage.
  8. iamavameadows

    Energy Consumption

    I have a fan with three different speeds. On the bottom it says that it uses 43 watts. Does this value go to the slowest speed or does it always use the same amount of electricity.
  9. C

    Determining inrush current on manufactured AC and DC Pumps

    I am using a couple pumps that are manufactured to be run from a standard wall outlet. I've learned that upon starting, both AC and DC motors can have inrush currents of several times the rated current, but I'm unsure how to determine if these pumps have any internal limiter on inrush current...
  10. R

    Fan Regulator Feedback Generator

    Hello Everyone, I need help in to generate feedback for fan regulator to the controller. 1. AC Fan require 1 phase Ac supply (230VAC/50Hz) 2. Controller require DC voltage in range of 0 to 3V3 3. System is able to support all type regulator, there different type's...
  11. G

    what is this type of ac voltage selector called? and how does it work?

    hello, I bought an ociloscope Kenwood Trio Oscilloscope 10 Mhz Cs1559-a, but I haven't plugged it in yet because I don't understand how the voltage selector works, it's this detachable box that appears in the video VIDEO