1. 123dsfsdfdsfsdfsdf

    8051 need help with code:CCC

    So hello:3 I have already tried many things, and looked at many things, but I can't implement any way to read a value from my data table character by character here code: Morse: mov DPTR, #Text ; Point to the beginning of the text mov...
  2. W

    8051 external ROM and RAM

    Hi, I want to to copy the data of and external ROM adress to an external RAM adress, my try : CLR A MOV DPTR, #8000H ; 8000H is the ROM Adress MOVC A, @A+DPTR; A gets DPTR's data MOV DPTR, #6000H ; 6000H is the RAM Adress MOVX @DPTR, A is this program correct? if yes is it the only method?
  3. W

    Decoding instructions 8051

    Hi, I have a question about 8051 I have an instruction which at adress 0020H and codded as 80F0H what would be the value of PC? i don't understand how can i decode it
  4. Sap9

    Can someone help me with this program

    I am trying to display 1 through 9 while rotating on win8051 what am i missing here: ; Initialize number to display MOV R1, #0 ; Main Loop LOOP: ; Display R1 on the 7-Segment CALL GETDIGIT CALL DISPLAY ; Wait one second CALL DELAY ; Increment R1 CALL INCREASE ; Repeat the Loop JMP LOOP ; Delay...
  5. S

    Assembly Language Program

    So we've been instructed to write an assembly language program to display numbers 0-9 on a common anode 7 Segment Display and simulate it using the Proteus Software. (8051 microcontroller) (And 0-F as well) I'm a complete beginner in this field and was hoping that I'd get some help here from...
  6. N

    8051 microcontroller operating like Solitaire - University Assignment

    I was tasked with creating a certain 8051 microcontroller project by my professor and I am keen to build the project all by myself, however, in order to carry out the given assignment, I may need some expert guidance. The project description is provided in below paragraph. The microcontroller...
  7. limyx826

    MCS-51 compatible software burner help

    I currently working on a MCS-51 based project and I tried to burn hex file into my microcontroller. The microcontrollers I used are AT89S51 and STC89C51RC. I tried to use ProgISP and AVRDUDESS to burn hex file into the chips but both came up errors. When I use ProgISP to load up hex file, this...