Your Workbench.


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I haven't a decent picture of my bench - perhaps I shall take one or two, but to one side, on one of the shelves, is one of the cat's beds.

His route to it is up on my knees (if I'm at the computer) onto the computer's table, along the window shelf at the side, onto the bench and along it to the shelf at the other end.

There, took one. Bit of a bugger's muddle at the moment.

Great bench!

All of those put my bench at a corner (but that is because my bench IS a corner at my desk). I have lots of components but not a soldering iron of mine yet.

David Bridgen

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I love all the photos which have been posted. They all tell the same tale, of their owner's passion for the hobby - and isn't lightingman's set-up a veritable Aladdin's cave?

I hadn't been able to engage in much practical work for a number of years before a recent house move. It's so good to have my own bench again.

There are still a few pieces of test gear which are temporarily parked in the loft, and a few boxes of mixed components under the bench (they share the space with my drum kit).


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Nice benches guys! Lightning man gets #1!!

With those messes that you talked about; there not messes, its called user friendly! You can find anything you need, but when someone tells you to clean up you cant find anything! I mostly work at my Computer table, I store parts in a drawer in my room and under my bed.


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well.. here is mine..a movable sort of have to squat to work. :p

my used parts BIN is SO horrible I get an ERROR taking a picture of it..hehhe:D
Wow, that's pretty neat. Nice little compact set-up you got there, I could take some hints from you.



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thanks Dave :)

been "forced" to do a setup like that :D... my working area is in the living room and WAS immobile(before)..and really got messy at spare space in our house...If having parties, it could be just "tucked" away..