Yamaha P95 keyboard repair

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Hello everyone,

Probably like Walshyb1, my kid's practice piano was shut down for a while we were traveling and did not produce sound from the speakers or head phone outlets. I was hoping for a quick fix like what GermanCoca detailed, but alas am still stuck with no sound after replacing both C216 and C217. I testing with a digital MM and believe C216 was dead after testing if it would hold a charge.

The power relay closes after a 3 second delay. At least from the click I hear I'm assuming its closing successfully. I was paranoid that the power relay closing was taking longer over time and thought the power supply might be going bad and tried another, but that didn't solve it either. No obvious blackened leads and I've tested every capacitor I can follow along the path to the speaker relay.

I'm starting to believe my limited circuit troubleshooting skills are not sufficient or the problem is with a chip making any repair too costly to consider. Oh, midi signal work just fine and I'm setting up the piano to play through my PC, but was hoping to get the speakers working again.

If there's anyone interested in troubleshooting this further, their help would be greatly appreciated!