Yahoo Blogs are History

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Yes, that group has an as yet inactive blog there. I think everyone was expecting it sooner than later. It is now sooner. Just posted as as FYI.


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Hopefully they will stop sending me, users posts. I've tried stopping it but, they still come anyway. I haven't used LTspice in long time.



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I sent them a question re: the archived material. There isn’t much yet on the site. This is the exchange:

Hello Don,

I am just in the process to let import all the messages and files from the Yahoo group to
Yahoo itself doesn't support anything. Yahoo simply close the groups at the end of 2019.

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Hi Dana, not all groups have members with the knowledge to move such a mass of info (or even the interest of doing that).

Had I to do something like I would not know where and how to start.

In line with this case, few days ago I found out that the former forum Chatzone from EPE is finally off.

Since more than one year, it was "read only" but finally the owners of whatever pulled the plug.

Even my own posts served me to revisit some of my projects.

There were members with an incredible technical level. Learnt a lot from most of them. No flaming, I enjoyed being a member there. Such is life!