WS2812b LED sign/EL Wire malfunctions after using Oculus Rift

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I wonder if anyone can fill me in on something I may be missing. I have an arcade cabinet with a regular computer running it. I made it so you could see inside the cabinet and thus has lighting and such. Included in that lighting are EL chasing wires each powered by their own inverter. Also for the arcade marquee, I am using a 48x16 WS2812b LED sign that is running a dedicated controller (T1000S) that runs programs off an SD card. Now also wired to the Arcade is an Oculus Rift.

I can have the arcade running all day, playing various other games, and everything works as normal. Until I've played Oculus Rift for about half an hour. The malfunction does not start right away. When it does, I notice one of the chasing EL wire strings stops functioning right (the other 2 I have continue to work fine and it is always the same one that stops functioning right), and the LED sign has flickering artifacts and random garble while displaying what it is suppose to. Turning the arcade off and immediately back on does not fix it. Once the Oculus goes into sleep mode after awhile and I shut down the software, the sign goes back to normal and so does that EL wire.

Now the sign and EL wires are connected to the computers power supply. So I can only come to 3 conclusions. Something with the extra power draw while playing VR is messing things up? Although I've tried stressing the system in other ways without VR, nothing happened. Could be heat? I doubt this though, it is a big open space inside the cabinet and I do have intake and exhaust fans. I am more leaning towards interference? The sign does seem to act up more if the headset is near it.

I am quite puzzled with this one.


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Can you, temporarily and for an experiment, run another power line in so that you take the computer power supply out of the mix? I’m also wondering if you could cool things down after the problem starts, to see if that reverses the glitch.