WS2812B LED Do I Need A Resistor?

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I have a small LED project, where I need to power a LED strip with 60 LED's.
I'm going to power the LED's with an ATX PC Power Supply, where the output will be 5V - 35A.
My thoughts were, that I just would wire the LED's directly to the Power Supply, like in this guide:
But is it safe to just power the LED strip without any resistor?
I've seached the internet alot but I can't find the answer.

I don't know much about electronics and therefore I need your help to determine if it's necesarry to use a resistor.
I bought all the other necesarry things and it has just arrived, but I don't know if I abselutely need a resistor.

Here's the datasheet for a WS2812B LED:
And the specific LED I use:

Sorry for my bad english.

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LED strips like that typically already have current limiting built onto the strip..
In this case the limiting is built into the LED itself


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Ahh ok, thanks to both of you.
The only thing I found on the internet was about single color LED's, where you need to use Ohm's law.
"MOST" times when you are just buying a typical LED (single/bi or RGB colors) itself you need some sort of current limiting in your circuit.. (resistor or constant current power supply)..
Th WS2812B is not a typical LED..