Writing device driver for LCD (JHD 162A)_with TM4C123 launchpad

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I am going to interface TM4C123 launch pad with LCD (JHD 162A) but i am only an intermediate embedded programmer. I am aware that its a daunting task for write a driver. I do not want to copy or download existing code because I want to find out if i can do it on my own. If you have any idea please share your views below.




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It seems to be pretty much a Plain Jane character display interface so it shouldn't be a complicated driver if you have a scope to look at signals. Assign and define the needed uC gpio pins for the LCD, connect hardware and power, program the correct init sequence for your hardware connection, etc ... You should see what others have done for at least the hardware interface so you don't waste time writing a specific driver for hardware that will never work.

There is some code here but it's for completely different hardware.