Windows and Ubuntu Dual Boot with GPT and MBR disk.

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I have a HP laptop with a SSD (SSD1)main drive and a add on SSD (SSD2) in the Disk Drive. The BIOS supports UEFI.

I had, initially, installed Windows 10 on the SSD1 and Linux Mint on the addon SSD 2 both with MBR.
The Boot sequence was SSD 2, and the GRUB was configured to select either Windows or Linux on Bootup. No issues, it worked fine.

Now, I have changed the SSD1 to GPT. SSD 2 is still on MBR.

The problem I now face is that I have to choose my Boot only from the BIOS. I have done all that I understood from the net about installing GRUB in the EFI partition, .... etc but to no avail. I don't want to reinstall Linux or change SSD 2 to GPT.

Any solution? Thanks in advance.