why we were advised to charge for 8 hours for the first use of mosquito bats?How much time to charge the bat to fully charge

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Hi, Funny, but i do not know, why we were advised to charge for 8 hours, any battery, be it mobile, , ups, or even mosquito bat battery for 8 hours,when they stop the charge automatically after a fixed hours.
I do not know, about mosquio bat full charge level as it is seldom mentioned or coud be measured.
Do any one have idea about , what is the battery capacity and details of charging
Suppose,after charging the battery, if i use it for killing mosquitoes and if mosquitoes are more in numbers, should we charge it immediately
I ask this because, even though low priced, this does not last for mor emonths than any electronic chargeable goods.


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Let us start by identifying the actual battery type and the desired charging technology. A "mosquito bat" is hardly a recognizable or useful technical term. How do you know what the battery charger is actually doing?


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Depends on the battery chemistry.
It is always a good idea to fully charge the battery before using for the first time.

Mosquito bats generate high voltage at low current. You don't need to recharge it right away after electrocuting a few bugs.