Why is this called a 3W LED?


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3-Watt, is a generic Die-Size description.
You can certainly get higher powered LEDs in this same form factor.
This one just doesn't have the nads of the higher quality LEDs.


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If you look closely at the data sheet, it says the forward voltage could be as high as 2.8 @ 700mA, also the peak current is 1 amp, and @ 1 Amp the forward voltage could easily be 3 volts.

So now do the math, and you will see a 3 watt value at the pulse time. (yes, it's incredibly short)

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I found a similar error on a Cree LED last year. They sent me a thank you note & renamed the LED to avoid confusion with the bad datasheet already circulating in the market. You should notify the manufacturer. Cree sent me a little thank-you gift.

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It is chinese watts...
I'm very familiar with the alternative Chinese measuring system, but most other cheap LEDs I've tries are accurately described. The declared wattage was indeed the 100% duty cycle. They would not last 100K hours, maybe 5K, but that's another matter.