E-book Correction Who can I talk to about improving the textbooks?

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I recently posted some improvements and modernizations I made to the textbooks, and uploaded to github. However, my post was deleted for "Site Promotion"... presumably because I linked directly to the github project? It wasn't clear to me.

My improvements make the project significantly more maintainable, and I'd still like to help out if I can! So I have a few questions.

  1. How do I get in touch with the maintainer(s) of the textbooks to offer my contributions for review? It wasn't clear to me from the textbook webpage.
  2. Where can I read the forum rules, so I don't accidentally violate them again? I read through the sticky posts, but I didn't see anything about "site promotion". Sorry if I missed it!


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There must be more to it than that. I have seen links to GitHub and other offsite services that are not deleted.

Since the AAC textbook is copyrighted, perhaps the offense involved the copyright. In other words, modifying copyrighted material is not considered fair use so far as I know. Since copyright protects the form, not the content, allowing one's copyrighted material to be revised and posted could dilute protections of the copyright.

I did not see the original post, so all of that is guesswork. Contacting the "write for us" link is probably the right thing to do.

Another thing to do if the changes are small is to post in Feedback and Suggestions.

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Thanks everybody for your kind help!

ericgibbs, interestingly, for me the website looks nothing like what I see in your image attachments. I was still able to find the rules by Ctrl-F'ing for "Terms" (for me the link is "Terms of Service").

Having read the rules, I'm still not entirely clear on what I originally did wrong. My best guess in retrospect is the title, "Github version of LIEC textbooks now available!". Perhaps that made it sound as though I'm promoting a competing version of the textbooks? My actual goal is to offer the maintainers a new home for the project, with a cleaned up and simplified source structure, and a modernized contributor workflow. I think github---or, minimally, actually using version control, regardless of where it's hosted!---is a lot better than maintaining zip files and passing them around.

jpanhalt, I don't think it's a copyright issue. IANAL, but I thought the intent of the Design Science License was to allow people to make improvements, or even fork the project.

Also, thanks for the forum post suggestion, but the changes are... not small. :) The content itself is virtually unchanged, but the structure of the project is changed significantly. I couldn't communicate changes of this magnitude in a forum post.

Anyway... I will take pursue the suggested link and see where it goes. Thanks again everyone!


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hi chogg,
There are two versions of AAC, the Classic Blue and the latest Orange, I use the Classic Blue.
[to try the Blue version, on your keyboard, press and hold down the CTRL key and then press the R key].

Your query has now been brought to attention of the Administrators, I expect they will give a Ruling in due course.


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Actually, now that I've looked at the link in more detail, I'm not sure it's the right fit. This seems to be for writing articles and/or contributing other technical content. I'm not interested in contributing content at the moment; I'm interested in improving the tooling and infrastructure around the textbook project. Several fields on that page seem irrelevant; for instance, why would I need to dig up my CV?

Someone mentioned the administrators have been notified about this post. Maybe my best bet is to wait for them to weigh in, and direct me to the right person/people to talk to.

Once I find out whether the maintainers of the textbook project are open to considering/reviewing this change, I'd be glad to write up a brief explainer on the major differences included, and why I think they're improvements.