Where to buy IGBT for induction heater

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I am trying to find IGBT's to replace the ones in the picture below.


I ordered the IGBT's below only to discover they are much smaller than the ones I need to replace. Both say K20T60.


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Ah. Thank you!!

Does igbt need to be electrically insulated from the heatsink?

If so, would you recommend a thermal glue / plaster or one of those pre cut thermal pads? Any certain brands?


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Can't tell from the picture but those are not "bolted" to the metal plate. Typically TO-220 style are "bolted" to a heatsink with a non-conductive silicon paste between the device and heatsink. They can get hot so "hot gluing" them down would not be recommended. Take a look at this for typical mounting.


I haven't seen a mica plate in ages but some heatsink kits do now come with a silicone rubber pad to go between device and heatsink. You can either bend them down to mount on the existing plate or use an aluminum heatsink kit on them if there is space available for one. The devices are rated for up to 175 C so I would think they might get hot depending on power across them and duty cycle.


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Those pictures from the datasheet are wrong, the package on the photo and the presumed TO-220AC is actually TO-247.