Where is the speaker?

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This is a Silver Crest Aroma Diffuser that I purchased from Lidl a few months back. Problem is that every couple of days the think keeps beeping and it's so annoying so I thought about just removing the speaker. My problem is that I don't know what to remove. Can anyone help?



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I thought this too yet this lines up with the vent for the water so assumed this is where the water vapor was generated.
I have a humidifier and that uses an ultrasonic mechanism to vaporize the water. Try putting masking tape over the hole in that black chirper and see if you get a) reduced beep volume and b) it still works as a diffuser, do this as a test.


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All the ultrasonic humidifiers I have ever seen have the ultrasonic transducer submerged. That circular black devices looks like a buzzer to me - like this one
There would also be a hole for the sound to get out which would line up with the buzzer.

It says in the manual:
"Should the steam production diminish, the ceramic disk located at the bottom of the water tank must be cleaned.
For this, use a slightly moistened cotton bud"
so I bet that the ultrasonic transducer is located at the bottom of the water tank.