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The map feature began on Feb 15, 2012 and was created by @Georacer in this thread "Where are you from?".
Pins were added to the map up until May 14, 2015.

From Sep 20, 2020 a new map was created by @MrChips and new pins added.

The AAC Global Map

If you wish to be pinned on the global map you may post your request on this thread.

You may choose to have the pin placed in a general location or in a specific location by supplying latitude and longitude coordinates. In either case, the exact location of the pin may be totally random.

While issues of personal privacy are always of utmost concern, it is our understanding that only members of AAC are able to view this map. AAC does not have control over how other parties may use the information in this database.

By requesting to have a pin posted on the map associated with your member's name and location, you voluntarily agree to have this information posted. AAC and its affiliates shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by this action.

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Delta Prime

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Hello there. :)I am formally requesting to have a pin posted on the map associated with my name… thank you
Delta Prime San Marino, California,


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Marion county, is a big place. At 1662 square miles, it has a leger area than the state of Rhode Island. Put my pin on Ocala, Florida. It is the county seat.


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Hola Sr Chip. I moved from Bs. Aires city to Ranelagh (Bs. Aires province). Calm and quiet place; green all around. Two new cafeterias opened recently. One of them, serves Illy coffee.

Could you relocate the pin? Gracias.


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I think this is a great idea - I wish all the newcomers would use it. That would save answers like "if you have a 230V supply then . . . . but if your supply is 110V. .. .." and writing elaborate answers about electrical regulations only to find that they are in a country where said regulations don't apply.
You can stick a pin in Louth, Lincolnshire for me at lat-long = 53.3,0

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Please place my pin near Campion Colorado USA. The nearest place with a name. If that is not on the map Loveland will work. Thanks.

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