Where did my thread go?

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Joined Jan 1, 2023
I made a thread of my new cpu design
But it was gone after I ate lunch
I'm confused
Is it against the forum rules to post that(so it got flagged and removed)?


Joined Jan 27, 2019
Welcome to AAC.

Your post was removed by a moderator because it fits the definition of "self promotion", which is classed as spam, and so prohibited on AAC.

Being a new member, and make that your very first post immediately flagged it as spam. If you were an active participant with a reputation the content of the post wouldn't be a problem, but as a first and only post it is.

Please consider staying around and participating so you can develop a reputation and show that AAC is not just a medium for "advertising" your project. A relatively small investment in time here will make your thread completely acceptable.

I hope you'll choose to become part of the AAC community, and, once again, welcome—it's good to have you join us.


Joined Jan 27, 2019
Oh.Ok.I didn't know that.
I won't do that again
It's not a problem, really. No reflection on you—I promise it won't go on your permanent record! It's an unfortunate outcome of an example of tragedy of the commons.

Thank you for your understanding. I do think people will be interested in your thread when you do post it, which could be sooner than later with a little participation in other threads.