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I want to measure wheel speed by using a variable reluctant sensor with a sprocket to determine the speed of a wheel and then convert the frequency to a voltage using a LM2907/LM2917 IC. Then I want to feed this voltages into the 5 V input of my arduino. Any tips on how to approach this problem? The max RPM of the sprocket will be no more than 2000 RPM. Using a 60 teeth sprocket which means that the max frequency should be 2 kHz. I know by using a variable reluctant sensor, signal conditioning is necessary.I just want to know how to measure it and if what I'm doing is the right approach.

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Converting to an analogue voltage is bound to reduce your accuracy, it would be better to measure the frequency directly and skip the f/a conversion.


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Just get a digital signal out of your transducer and feed it into an IO pin.
Use the counter / timers to calculate the speed.
Simple and accurate.


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