What meats would you purchase?

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Invasive species, whether the Asian Carp in North American rivers, the Nutria rodents burrowing holes in the levies in New Orleans, the python invasion of the Florida Everglades, the ravaging camels herds of the Australian outback, or the global pandemic of wild and feral hogs, all hold the promise of vast economic returns as the protein ingredient of commerical fish or livestock feed.

Anyone who can figure out a way to harvest any one of those pesky critters by the ton, without adversely affecting the environment, would rake in stupendous profits processing that flesh and bone into protein powder, and marketing it to fish farmers or pet food manufacturers.
The problem isn't harvesting them easily. New Orleans sends their SWAT sniper teams in the back of pick up trucks and they use a semi-scilenced .22 and just kill them all night long once a week. They can get over 100 in a night. And thats just in the city.

The problem seems to have always been the reputation of the meat and how to market it. They tried to market the nutria and that was a huge faliure. Right now they are trying to market the pacific lionfish which is destroying the reefs in s. Florida. But thats the main problem. The western pallet just doesn't like eating certain items. I think python and lionfish have a chance though. Carp I'm not so sure.


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I've heard the carp tasts like cowflop. Some animals just can't be eaten. On the other hand, I've heard snakehead is considered a delicacy, and a fortune can be mande by catching and selling the fish. I've been thinking about getting a boat and moving to Florida and becomming a professional fisherman.


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I am not a fish person at all. I only eat fish that has no fishy taste (i.e. salmon), but all diets go based on what is most available in the area... in Russia carp is a common fish of choice, so I am surprised at the rejection. The trick is, as always, sauce.

I did a quick google search, this one is a bit funny and also true, I've seen it myself in NY http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/289566


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The carp in Russia is most likely very different from the invasive carp we have been discussing. I've hear european carp is very good. The asian and silver carp which has been imported to the US is a different species, and not fit for consumption, I understand.