What is the best way to learn about flip-flops?

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Eudécio Gabriel

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I have been reading a few books and they all teach about flip-flops, but I don't think I totally master the circuit design using flip-flop, I know it can be used to built registers, counters and it can be used in state-machines.

Is there another way I can use flip-flops?

Is there a way I could learn to have "flexibility" in the use of flip-flops?


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Hi Eudecio, I think the best way to feel confident with them is to buy some of the DIL IC packages, a bread board, some LEDs, a 555 timer (?) and make a few circuits, such as a simple push button latch, a counter, shift register...You can probably find some simple circuits on the net, and I'm a firm believer in hands on experience! You can also use some simulation software such as "multimedia Logic" to check to see if your circuit is doing what it should.


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Use the CD4013 as example.
1. To know the relationship between Set and Reset pins.
2. To know the relationship between Data and Clock pins.
3. To know the relationship between Set, Reset pins and Data, Clock pins.
To see the Function Table will be more easier to understand which is on page 10.