What does this iC actually do?

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Hey guys

I'm in a bit of a quandry regarding a device and could use a little help in clearing things up. I've been shopping around on the RS website for a 5v 2A fixed regulator, ideally something that comes in a smaller package size than DPAK. Unfortunately, SOT-223 variants are quite pricey and as this is a personal project, so I'd like to keep costs down where I can, thus I have expanded my search criteria to other package types.

On the website, in the LDO regulator category is the AP2280, which comes in a DFN2016-6 package. The device is listed as a 5v 2A fixed regulator, however, there seems to be more than one confliction between the site info and the device's datasheet, which states that it's a single channel slew rate controlled load switch, not a 5v 2A fixed LDO regulator. I am still learning and not familiar with many devices yet, so I don't know if this will do the same as a regulator and that is why it was put in the category it was on the website, or weather it's RS who are in error.

Here are some screen grabs show the conflictions:




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The device AP2280 is not a LDO regulator, but a load switch.