What do you USE to Clean PCB in Ultrasonic Cleaner and for how long ?

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I just bought an ultrasonic cleaner to clean water damage cell phone boards. Could anyone please recommend me any good cleaning solution ?
Right now i have tried with tap water and distilled water but results are not that effective. Alcohol is not good idea because of its flammable nature
Most of the recommended PCB ultrasonic cleaners are not available in my area so i have to order it.

Please share your experience for cleaners, Time and Temp combination to get effective results.


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It's been a while but we use to clean boards all the time. We used warm water and soap(dawn). Rinse with distilled. Air blow dry. Time depends on filthyness.

We always had to remove any crystals if present.

That was about 20 years ago. Not sure how they do it today.


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Fourty years ago the tank contained Xylene/Xylol or Toluene/Toluol. I think that is unlawful now and might destroy components.:eek::(
Better wait for more people to chime in.;)


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I use Branson EC with Distilled water in my Crest. I can't say that it is only thing that you can use and it isn't cheap at 95 a gallon for the stuff. Once I run it through the machine I will put it in 99% Alcohol for a short time before I set it to dry. You will want to find the method that works for you and your PCB's for drying. I don't want to say what mine is as it may damage some boards if not done right.

One thing that I am sure most already know, If it is damaged by water or what ever don't Clean it before repair. Once clean you will loose all trace of damage area and most cases if your working on same items over and over they will be same type damge however I did just have one that the damage was in an area that I have never had in that area. Infact always say not an issue. However seeing I do check the whole area even the places I say never been there. I found it was bad to do a burnt trace. After repair of trace all back to working order. Almost feel bad about charging for repair due to ease factor but there is no business based off ease factor..

If you have a good Cleaner and not some jewelry type cleaner in most cases it will have in the manual what they feel is best for their machine.