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I like it, but I'm always frustrated by these reports of ideas for grid storage. I don't think I've read one yet that mentions end to end efficiency. Grid storage isn't only about efficiency, but it seems like a reasonable question to ask.


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I believe that ultimately, a flow type battery will be used for covering peak demand for power. A flow battery has the advantage of instantaneously converting chemical energy to electrical energy. Some rather large flow batteries already exist using vanadium REDOX technology. Last I heard, there was a 400MW⋅h flow battery being built in California. The advantage of a flow battery is that there are no limits on the number of charge-discharge cycles in addition to the immediate conversion when the need arises.


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Why go through the inefficient first step of converting (for example) wind power to electrical power to haul the weight up-hill. It might be more efficient to use the mechanical power haul the weight up-hill then do the mechanical-to-electrical power conversion once when the weight moves down the hill.