What Cree Do I Need?

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I'm modifying some torches , this one:
I want to know how I can get more distance (throw?) out of a p7.
If it means everythings changed inside an empty aluminium Led Lenser shell its fine !
Anything like 1m dia circle at 500m would be fine for example.

What is the best cree for something like this? With a battery like an 18650 and a driver diameter under 20mm.
Its all new terms to me and very exciting!

I want to get max throw out of 12v in a L7 torch also on another post.

No i wont buy a bigger torch :)


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A 0.11 degree beam spread? I can do that with a laser, but I don't think Cree makes those.
Even with a helping reflector, most of their graphs are about +/- 5 degrees. (about 100 times as wide as you describe)


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Ah ok thanks #12 !
Does anyone know what the Led Lenser m7 has for a led and driver info? it has 400 lumens and max beam of 280m out of the same batteries and near same size as this p7 which has just 200 Lumens and 210m .

It'l be like putting a new engine in an old car ! a 'Sleeper' torch !