Wave Form building software for Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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I have a FY6900 wave form generator from Feeltek looks just like the one from Wavetek. The PC software is so buggy that it crashes before I can build a waveform.
We can import this type of files: .csv .arv .lvm and fy files.
I tried to make .csv in Excel but it is not easy. I need 8192 lines of numbers from -8000 to +8000.
Note Pad works to make small files but they don't import well.

How do you make wave forms that can be downloaded to a Waveform Generator?


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Excel, copy & paste and a terminal program work for my basic needs.

If you were interested making your own arbitrary function generator come up with something that can take in .csv files and work with what you already have.


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Is this a regular set of numbers that can be expressed procedurally? If so, I would write a small program using a dynamic language.

I would use Perl but nowadays most would probably use Python. There are modules/libraries to handle generating nicely formed CSV files too, so you don’t have to handle that directly.

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Have more information. tech.net I am not the only one who can't get ARB waveforms to work.
I can get low resolution files to load but not 8k files, and other problems.
The link, in the comments, talks about making the waveforms in Excell, type it in or use a formula, then select a set of data and ^C copy from Excell, then in the "enter text" window on the 'waveform makes software', ^V paste the data into the window.

Working (mostly) but is it a pain to copy 8192 cells from Excell, or WordPad. Much better than typing 8000 pieces of data by hand. Just learned I can copy an entire column of data with one click.

Here is an example. If cell 1F was removed, then copying all of F can be done with one click.