Wanting `to make a wire EDM machine

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I am no electronic expert but have some insight in how production wire edm's work. By looking at all the DIY wire edm's on You Tube they don't seem right, the sparking is to big and everyone was cutting aluminium the easiest material to wire cut. I had a Chinese machine from the 90's and I could cut 100 mm steel no problem and you could hardly see a spark when cutting. I hope someone here could help me with a circuit. First the cutting voltage was set at 20 volts by turning a pot, the transformer was 70 volts, it had 8 switches each switch would turn on a Mosfet resistor combination, the thicker the material the more switches you would turn on to remain at 20 volt the system only had one small PC board with a trip 5 on. The thing is I could have three or four Mosfets switched on but the amperage draw will only be 2 amp I think the highest current I ever used was 5 amps. Whats puzzling is why use 8 Mosfets plus resistors when one 20 amp Mosfet could do the job. There must be some reason for doing this, and it can only be to getting that perfect sparking.