Voltage Dropped with Mysterious Reason!

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I've tried to turn on small calculator (Rated Voltage : 1.5V) with charged capacitor C.

Anyway when I connected fully charged cap to load. Then voltages dropped down with mysterious reason.

In detail, I used TENG to voltage source, (TENG is a pretty similar source to PIEZO .)

To turn on rated voltage 1.5V calculator, I charged enough 2V to cap.
Next step, I connected 2V charged cap to calculator.
It doesn't work.

How can I make this situation better?

Here is the circuit diagram what I designed.
And this is voltage curve measured by voltmeter.

You can see voltage drop after connecting to load


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With the inductor and switch, are you trying to make a boost converter ? If the switch was a BJT or MOSFET and turned on/off rapidly, like 10,000's of times a second, in order for the current to keep flowing in the same direction in the inductor, when the switch open's it should make a voltage higher on the cap side, and lower on the diode side...and create a higher voltage that u started with. But you have a transformer/FWR, that should be over 1.5V with any size thransformer, and tank cap. ......or have 3 beers gotton to me
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