Voice Changer combined with a Personal AMP (HIGH GRAPHICS)

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Hello Everyone, I'm Dan. As a first post to the Forums I just wanted to say "HOWDY" from Texas... Not sure if I'm supposed to do this or not, but KNOW I will be told once it's done, Even if ya seen it, I'm sure my problem isn't as serious to everyone else as it is to me, so something I think is cool, might just put a smile on your face...

Not sure how else to start but I've read the FAQ. I've also searched the forums and HAVE FOUND "kinda" similar type projects, :
but nothing that is actually close to what I'm wanting to do. I've seen a few threads that I wanted to get in on, but got the "This thread is more than "X" years old." spot at the end of them... There are a few others that I've also read, but still nothing as I need it.

This is the Pyle Personal AMP I use. It has a :
1. POT for volume
2. Power Charging LED
3. MIC in
4. Auxiliary Out
5. 9v Charge Spot (for Rechargeable Batteries inside)
When ya open it up you can see it has two connections. The Yellow wires go from the PCB to the speaker, and the Red and Black (of course) go to the Batteries.

This is the Voice Changer that I'm using. (I have a couple of them but this one is the one I decided to play with as a just in case)
Starting at the left it has :
( A ) 9v Battery Connection
( B ) On/Off Rocker switch
( C ) Voice Changer PCB
( D ) MIC
( E ) Speaker

What I want to do is integrate them together so that I can use them as one, with the output (my voice) coming from the AMP that has been ran through the Voice Changer.
So far I've tried to put the speaker from the Changer in front of the MIC from the AMP, and it did "Kinda" work. There was interference including feedback, high pitched sounds and other sounds, as well as my voice from the Voice Changer speaker itself. (It was to distorted and messy to be useful)

I would like to think there is a way to the OUTPUT from the Voice Changer to go through the input of the AMP and then the combined sound to exit the AMP speaker, but I honestly just don't know how. I know how to solder (a bit) and can look at pictures to see what goes where but schematic, and so on, are WAYYYYYYY over my head.
I'm "decent" (grin) at following directions, but DO ask what I've just been told so I UNDERSTAND IT... ( I like getting the fish every now and then, but I WANT TO LEARN how to fish)

(Yes, I'm a bit old too)

Thank You for ANY advise / help or direction you may provide. (Even if it's wrong, it might be right for another project, Grin.)

Dan - SADanTheMan