Visual Theremin

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Hi everyone. I am building a Theremin circuit. It is working with hand gestures. One of it is oscilloscope and other is amplifier circuit. It takes data with camera. Then DAC turn the signals to analog signals. Left hand will control amplifier circuit and I have problem about it. I will control volume with amplifier circuit. I am not sure how should i design Amplifier circuit? I mean does digital pot works and cut off frequency for oscillation circuit is important for the amplifier circuit too?


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Can you bless us with a block diagram so we can get an idea of the whole system? Schematics will eventually be better than a block diagram.


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You will face a serious challenge trying to gain a control signal from the video signal from a camera. That will actually require a lot of program code to recognize gestures. The cheap trick alternative will be for the camera to feed a monitor and have photo resistors attached to the monitor screen. That can work, I have seen it done on a production tester checking indicator lights on an automotive heater/AC panel.