Vibration Sensor based delay circuit

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I need to create a delay circuit which has an LED turn off after 2 minutes. When vibration sensor vibrates LED should turn on and off after 2 minutes. I tried with sensolute micro vibration sensor but no win.

Please help.


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The delay circuit can be pretty simple depending on all of the information you have not given us.

What is the sensor part number / manufacturer / web page?

What is the system power voltage?

What is the LED color / forward voltage / current?

How accurate does the 2 minute timer have to be?



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Good spot for a 555. Sensor to pin 2 with a 10 k to +12 V. Timing , 1 Meg & 120 uF. Best if 1 Meg. is a pot. with C = 200 uF. It looks like the sensor can be initially closed so sensor should be cap. coupled to pin 2. One side of SW to common, other to a 10k & one side of .01 uF cap. Other side of C to pin 2 & other 10k.
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