USB pendrive repairs attempt

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    Mar 14, 2019
    So the boss of the business I work at came to me with USB drive. I'm usually pretty handy with this kind of stuff but I feel at a loss right now.

    This USB drive initially just had connectivity issues on the USB connector. Instead of backing up his company data while he still could he decided to jimmy it around a bit until the entire connector broke off.

    I've attached photos. I've love any input, ideas, anything at all. At this point the circuitry and chips are undamaged, it's just the precision of getting another connector on... sadly from the pictures youll notice that a few contacts on the circuit board itself broke off with the USB head...

    Sorrry to make this my first post. I'm desperate to find a solution.

    It;s a lexar 256GB USB 3.0 drive.

    I have a brand new one, literally the exact same model. No difference what so ever.

    Any and all ideas are welcome. If special tools are necessary please chime in as well, I am willing to spend whatever it takes to acquire the data off of the drive. It's trash after that. IMG_0332.jpg
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    Oct 2, 2009
    USB 3 should be backward compatible with USB 2.
    USB 2 uses only four connections, VBUS, GND, D+, D-.
    I would get a USB 2 cable and wire to the USB 2 pins.
    Just copy over the contents from the damaged USB stick and then bin it.
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